« Bantú Mama ou comment humaniser le "hood folklore »

« A nuanced take on family ties and cultural roots »

« Herrera’s exploration of the African diaspora in Bantú Mama does ask questions about identity, family, and the meaning of home which truly resonate »

"Una película dominicana hermosamente filmada, y que brilla en donde cuenta. Se sienten las raíces caribeñas de la historia y los personajes de principio a fin. La esperanza es la protagonista aquí, como Clarisse Albrecht, quien co-escribió el guión, lidera el camino con su actuación."

"A competent and touching film overall and one allowing me to connect back with the art of my parents and ancestors."

« In their own way, each character transcends the negative stereotypes they usually carry in the hood folklore. »

« Director Ivan Herrera has crafted a complex, yet endearing story of survival, cultural similarities and differences in a world laden with contraction »

« BANTÚ MAMA is an enriching delight that will make you embrace your loved ones tighter »

"A wonderful film"

« With splendorous cinematography and this fascinating lead, Bantú Mama goes beyond a stereotypical tale of violence experienced by foreign outsiders. It's a song of love about Santo Domingo, a melancholic reverie of maternal affection, love blossoming in times of strife »

« Reyes tiene una presencia cautivadora »
« Reyes has a captivating presence »

« A drama with a very fast pace, but also incredibly engaging »

« Quando o Caribe, a Europa e a África se encontram »
« When the Caribbean, Europe and Africa meet »

“Bantú Mama” is a beautiful tale of friendship that teaches children and adult the importance of being co-dependent or being in charge of something bigger than yourself"

"beautifully photographed, immersive narrative that is full of understated, yet powerful, performances"




«Ivan spoke to us about the moment he realised he wanted to be a filmmaker, his transition from commercial to independent projects, and unpacked why Bantú Mama is an ode to transculturalism»

Trinidad & Tobago

« 'Bantú Mama' Aims to Unlearn America As the Ultimate Destination of Happiness & Success »

Marjua Estevez

Having its World Premiere in the Global section at SxSW 2021 Online, we talk with director Ivan Herrera of BANTU MAMA

Jason Whyte